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After 14 years at Horfield Sports Centre its farewell as the Leisure centre starts a refurb of its sports hall leaving it only big enough for 3 badminton courts!

With the size change it means that's after Horfield Korfball Clubs emergence 14yrs ago it will no longer be able to continue training or playing at the leisure centre.

Sad times!!


BUT .... Its not all doom and gloom.. We have a new home at Gloucestershire Cricket Ground, Horfield.

We start training there on 23rd March until 27th April, then we are back in September...


Within the club we are always looking to develop our members in more area's than just their Korfball skills. We encourage all members to get involved in all the other aspects which are required to keep a club running. We have a committee of volunteers who make decisions on how the club is run and how it is to progress and grow in the future. 

To grow our club, teach newcomers and to keep our club improving its position in the leagues we need to have coaching sessions that encourage all our players to improve. We have several coaches within the club who have been playing the sport for 5-10 years, and each of them have had training provided through the club. To find out more about our coaching plans please visit this link.

During the season we will have league matches most weekends, as well as needing players to represent us on the pitch we also need referee's to oversee other matches going each weekend. This allows all games to be refereed by unbiased referees. To achieve this we encourage all club member who are interested to complete referee training funded by the club. To find out more about refereeing please visit this link.


What's in store this time round?

Horfield are still running the same 3 teams, Horfield 1 in Regional, Horfield 2 in SWKA 1 and Horfield 3 in SWKA 2

A big learning curve last season for all and this season its going to be another tough season with a few players moving on, but we have had a number of great new players through the door.

Strong finishes all round this year is what's required and all three teams looking to place their marker in the ground as a team to reckoned with!!

Plenty of new players in and looking to get game time, developing those that came along season and the "old timers" pushing it as hard as possible before the bus passes kick in :) only kidding, I can get away with that being one of the "old timers".


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