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Name: Rachael

Age: 29

Years Playing Korfball: 3

I was first introduced to Korfball through a work colleague just after I'd moved to Bristol. He suggested it would be a great way to meet new people and as I enjoyed playing sports it seemed a good idea. Three years on, i'm still learning some of the subtleties of the game, but Horfield Korfball Club has taught me all I know and I can honestly say its a great sport to play. The mixed aspect makes for interesting tactics and everyone is involved in each match we play. It has become my main social group and the sport and pub trips are just about balancing to keep me fit. (In the photo i'm the only one in purple)

Horfield has three teams which play in the South West Korfball Association, following a successful 2016/2017 season there are two teams in Division 1 and a 3rd team in Division 2. The league season runs from October to April, with playoff games in April/May for either promotion from SWKA up to Regional Divisions, or for the 2nd place Division 2 team to try to progress up to Division 1.

The fixtures and results for all games can be found on an external site Fixtures Live, links to each teams fixtures live page can be found below:

Horfield 1

Horfield 2

Horfield 3

Sometimes the games are filmed, this allows us to learn from the games and see what improvements can be made. The most recent games can be found in the videos below.

13/11/2016 - SWKA 2 derby match it was Horfield 2 (in purple) vs Horfield 3 (in white) (final score 16:6)

05/11/2016 - SKW2 match Horfield 3 vs Bristol Thunder 3 (final score 10:1)

29/10/2016 - SWKA 1 match Horfield 1 vs Bristol City 2 (final score 19:8)


Korfball is a great social way to keep fit and competitive and we're always on the look out for new members. We offer the first 3 training sessions for free, and following that the membership details are below:

If you would like to make an enquiry please use the form in the Contact Us section.

Cost: £22 per month

The following are included in the monthly membership fee:

Training: Twice a week during the season (September to April), once a week all other months except July which is the rest month

Games: During the league season there is usually at least 1 game per weekend per team, with the occasional off week. As we have 3 teams within the club there's often multiple game a week to watch and play

Summer Tournaments: As the summer is the Korfball off season clubs around the country organise outdoor tournaments, the club normally enters at least 2 of these per year

Summer League: there are many clubs in our local area, and to keep clubs practicing during the summer off weeks an unofficial friendly league is run, this gives us approximately 5 weeks of playing shortened games against local teams all within our normal training venue City Academy

As well as all of that there are plenty of social occasions to join in with, these will not be included in the monthly membership fee but the activities vary from simple pub trips to more adventurous activities.




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