Last Season....

Horfield are lucky enough to have 3 teams for the first time in its history.  A Regional team, and two teams in the SWKL.  All 3 teams faced new challenges with players who had played in SWKA 1 stepping up to the Regional League, players who had played in SWKA 2 stepping up to face the might of the SWKA 1 League and our newly formed team starting out in SWKA 2.

All 3 teams had a learning curve and it was a tough but good season, with all 3 teams performing better than the end league positions showed.

We also managed, somehow to win the summer league... really not sure how, it appeared that having lost previous matches but winning all remaining on the final day was enough!!!

All in all a great season and one that the club should be proud of having had all 3 teams in leagues of a better standard than before and not suffering any relegation, yay :)

Just a couple of stats for those that I know love a stat... 34 players played across the 3 teams and 33 of those players scored goals .. brilliant, to be fair to the one that didn't, they only played 30mins all season due to injury and having to disappear to France!!


The "Dream Team" Summer League Winners!!


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