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New Season Underway!!

2013-2014 Season

It has been a great season for us this time round.  Starting off with a second place finish in SWKL1 for the 1st team and a third place finish in SWKL2 for the 2nd team last time round, the club has looked to use this season to try and develop its current players and recruit new players with a few to having 3 teams for the start of 2014/15

Plenty of promise throughout the season so far as seen great solid performances from the 1st team who have only currently narrowly lost 2 games this season so far.

A strong squad that has seen rotation of players has shown that strength across the board has really paid off.

The 2nd team have also produced some amazing Korfball this season. Having a number of new players coming in and more than holding their own in League matches.  There have been numerous debut performances with goals to match :) Awesome!!

The season is reaching its climax now with only one game remaining for the 1st team and two for the 2nd team.

Check out Fixtures Live to see the leagues and scores for the season

Super Saturday on March 22nd at The City Academy could be a big day with the final game for the 2nds potentially determining a chance for Promotion to the 1st Division :)