Horfield Korfball Club

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New Season Underway!!

2014-2015 Season

A new season and a new era for the club.  The first time in its history that its run 3 teams!!

Horfield 1 step up to the Regional League this season following their success in winning SWKA 1 last season.

Horfield 2 are holding the fort in SWKA 1 this season and will be looking to challenge for the title again.

Horfield 3, the new team on the block in SWKA 2.  With the hope of plenty of new players coming through the ranks and learning from a few more experienced korfers to guide them through the season. 

The club can still do with more players so if you fancy a challenge and a team sport that you have possibly never heard of then just come along to any of the training sessions.  Or if you know exactly what it is and are a 6'5" Dutch or Belgium couple then please come along too :)

An exciting season for the club this season so here's to a great one and hopefully one where all 3 teams do us proud and maybe grab some silverware!!